Photography for couples and families


Just because

Love is something we sometimes take for granted even if it is the most precious thing in the world. I believe it should be celebrated everyday! I invite you to celebrate love with a timeless photo session that captures the details that make your connection so unique and special.



You decided to embark on the adventure of life together and are ready to announce it to the world. Let's make the pictures that will show your future grandchildren how cool and good-looking you were (and to your wedding guests in the shorter term).



From experience, I can tell you that your wedding day will go on fast, that you might feel overwhelmed at times and that while many random people will ask you to take photos with them, chances are you won't have the photos with the people that matter the most to you. My promise is therefore to be efficient, kind and discrete throughout the day. I'll get the photos with your loved ones done and capture the meaningful moments you'll want to hold on to forever.



Are you welcoming a new baby into your life or just want to capture the beauty and wilderness of your little tribe? We could go outside or keep it cosy at your home, I'll capture what you're all about.